I am a fiscal conservative that believes in the importance of individual responsibility and free market principles. As your Congressman, I will take a common-sense approach to lower taxes, will reduce and eliminate government red-tape and push for limited government intervention in our free markets. This will provide the economic fuel for growth, produce higher wage jobs, and provide everyone an opportunity for the American Dream. I will fight for balancing our budget and reducing government spending to help address the national debt and deficit.

Educational Freedom - Parents Rights

My mother worked two and sometimes three jobs to keep food on the table. She struggled to raise my sister and I but managed to move us into a decent school district. My mom knew that education would be a key to our success in life.This is why I firmly believe in providing educational freedom and parental rights for children as a means of ensuring that parents have the ability to make the best decisions for their children's education. This includes the right to choose the type of education their child receives, whether it be in a public, private, or a homeschool setting. Parents are in the best position to know what is best for their child, and the government should not interfere in this decision-making process.Simply put, your address should not limit the quality of your educational choices. I am an open advocate for school choice policies, such as vouchers and tax credit scholarships, which allow parents to use public funds to pay for the education of their choice. This promotes competition among schools and allows for more options for families, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, to access the best education for their children.

Border Security & Immigration Modernization

I am a compassionate conservative, with a family that looks like many Arizonans, a Hispanic wife, and multicultural children. We are obligated to secure our borders for the protection of our citizens and national security. Immigration modernization is a vital issue that needs to be addressed because many are seeking a better life for themselves and their families. These two concerns should be balanced in order to create a secure, efficient, and common-sense immigration system. As a result of our broken system, millions of migrants have been forced to live in the shadows. We must find a fair and reasonable way to address those that are here. We need a robust guest worker system that supports our vital industries. Our modernized system has to address all our immigration issues, secure our country, provide critical resources for industry and is effective and efficient for all.

Water for the Western States

Ensuring water rights in the western United States is a critical issue that requires a careful balance of economic development, environmental protection, and respect for private property rights. I support an “all of the above '' approach to ensure Arizona and our western states have the water they need for generations to come.
“All of the above” approaches include working with others to have conversations on common-sense solutions, such as water desalination, piping water from other regions and investing in vital technology improvements and development. Water desalination is a proven and reliable solution used around the world that would create economic growth opportunities and high wage jobs. Water piping is utilized around the world and has the benefits of creating hydropower along the route if done properly. Our current water support technologies are antiquated and require modernization.


After graduating from high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I learned the power of working with others to accomplish a common mission. I live my life by the Marine motto of Semper fidelis, which is Latin for “always faithful” or “always loyal.”
It is my firm conviction that we owe our veterans everything. There was a time in each veteran’s life when they signed a blank check to Uncle Sam. It is that unconditional commitment to the United States of America that deserves the same commitment in return.Too often our veterans returning from service have been exposed to traumatic experiences and often develop PTSD, which can lead to devastating outcomes such as homelessness and even suicide. The system can be too difficult to navigate, which slows vital support and care. Our Nation’s finest deserve better.
The best help for veterans is in their local community and the Federal government can and must partner with local communities to get veterans the services and the help they need.

Crime, Homelessness and Having Real Conversations on Mental Health

We all see the crises in cities like San Francisco, D.C, Philadelphia and Chicago where bad public policy has created an unsustainable situation for families, businesses and their local communities. As a law-and-order conservative, I believe that it is essential to address the issue of crime and homelessness in our society. I believe that crime and homelessness are closely linked and that we must take strong action to combat both. This includes increasing funding for law enforcement and providing more resources to our police and other first responders. I also support stiffer penalties for those who commit hard crimes, especially repeat offenders.
But without addressing the rapidly growing issues of mental health; identification, treatment and access to care, the above issues will only continue to grow. We must provide more resources for mental health services and addiction treatment programs to help those who are struggling with these issues. We should incentivize those who seek to work in the mental health industry as we are grossly understaffed and short on resources. I believe a healthy society shows compassion for those who are struggling, and mental health is no exception.

Internet Bill of Rights

Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter hold significant power and influence in the marketplace and in society. As your Congressman, I will fight for an "Internet Bill of Rights" that provides protections to internet users to guarantee certain basic rights. This bill will include:
1. Net neutrality: All internet traffic should be treated equally, without discrimination or preferential treatment based on content, source, or destination.
2. Privacy: The individual person will retain full ownership of their own personal information online, including the ability to restrict data collection and to be informed about how personal data is being used.
3.Free speech: The fundamental right to personal expression without fear of censorship or retaliation, while also taking into account the responsibility to prevent online harassment and violation of our national laws.
4.Access: The right to access and use the internet without discrimination, censorship, or restrictions, and to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunity to participate in the digital world.
5.Due process: The right to fair and transparent procedures when it comes to the enforcement of laws or regulations related to the internet, including the ability to legally challenge decisions that affect one's online rights.

We are still in the development stage of our digital lives and our laws must evolve over time to address additional concerns as new issues arise.I will take a common-sense approach to the very real challenges we face today. I will not let politically charged issues, such as the internet bill of rights, distract us from coming up with real-world solutions.


I have said repeatedly, if the Biden administration does not begin to tackle inflation it will lead our economy into recession, but hiking taxes during a recession is flat out dangerous policy for our Country. Numerous large companies continue to announce thousands of layoffs. This is the result of the intense inflation Americans have endured during this administration and the policies they have enacted.
We need to work together to address the underlying issues that are causing inflation starting with allowing for the domestic production of oil, which would lower overall cost for most consumer goods and slow down inflation quickly. When I am elected, I will push for common sense solutions that lower the cost of the supply chain and unleash the power of the American economy to help all citizens of our district and our country. I will support pro-growth strategies that allow us to pay down the federal debt, meet our obligations while protecting our seniors (Social Security and Medicare) and helping future generations live the American dream. I will always put people over politics and lead with compassion - not ideology.

Energy Independence

Big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter hold significant power and influence in the marketplace and in society. As your Congressman, I will fight for an "Internet Bill of Rights" that provides protections to internet users to guarantee certain basic rights. This bill will include:
1. Nuclear Power: Nuclear power is a clean and efficient source of energy that can help reduce our dependence on foreign and even domestic oil.
2. Privacy: Building and Revitalizing Oil Refineries: The last oil refinery built in America was in 1976 - nearly 50 years ago. Building new and upgrading existing facilities will increase domestic production of oil and gas and create jobs in the energy sector.
3.Environmental Energy Sources: Investing in alternative energy sources like hydro, solar and wind power, as well as in research and development of new technologies, utilizes the power Earth has given us while providing cleaner fuel options and reduces dependency on oil.

The United States must remain a leader in the global energy market.To do this, we must take a common-sense approach to this problem. Creating real, life-impacting change takes teamwork and the willingness to listen to others. In the end, we must do the right thing – not the easy thing.

The Second Amendment

Taxation without representation started a revolution. Once those patriots completed the formation of their new nation, they needed to defend it. This is where the 2nd Amendment came into being. As a Marine, lifetime member of the NRA, GOA, USCCA and a member of the local gun club, I believe very strongly in the need for the 2nd Amendment. When the represented have no defense they are not represented, they are subjected. The 2nd Amendment is non-negotiable, and I’ll always defend it.